Chris Shepherd was born in Liverpool.

In 1995 he set up a production company called Polkadot. He directed the multi award winning film, The Broken Jaw, for Channel 4 and produced BAFTA nominated The World Of Interiors. Chris's Polkadot credits include: adverts, title sequences and the award winning Stareout sketches on BBC/Talkback's Big Train.

In 2000 he became the co-founder of production company, Slinky Pictures, with producer Maria Manton. Director/writing credits include a ten part series for Channel 4 called People's Britain and his acclaimed short Dad's Dead, which is winner of over 20 international awards including Best Short at the British Independent Film Awards and a BAFTA nomination. He's also worked with a wide range of commercial clients including BMI, COI, Nestle, Western Union, Eagle Star and Proctor & Gamble.

His 2005 collaboration with artist David Shrigley, Who I Am And What I Want, won many international film awards, as did Silence is Golden in 2006, a live action/animated drama. His latest BBC drama, Bad Night for the Blues, explores Chris's relationship with his Aunty. Chris currently has a feature in development and continues to write.
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